Payroll Specialist

  • Financial Services, Human Resources, HR, Fashion
  • Netherlands
  • Permanent
  • 50000
  • REF1609
Job Description

The Payroll Specialist will be responsible to facilitate and administer our employee compensation. The responsibilities will include calculating employees’ compensation (salary, pension, bonus etc.), updating our internal payroll databases and ensuring timely payments, verifying employees’ work hours and payment through the payroll system, issuing deductions, earnings and other statements to employees and updating payroll records regularly. Candidates must have a strong ability with numbers and be able to handle sensitive information.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining payroll information by collating, calculating and entering data

  • Updating payroll records by entering any changes to employee information or benefits such

    as job title changes, exemptions and saving deductions

  • Preparing reports that include summaries of earnings, tax deductions, leave, compassionate leave and non-taxable wages

  • Overseeing payroll liabilities by determining employee taxes, including federal and state income and social security tax, and calculating employer’s payments for social security, unemployment and worker’s compensation

  • Resolving payroll discrepancies and answering any employee payroll queries

  • Maintaining all payroll operations according to company policies and procedures

  • Collect daily, weekly or monthly timesheets from the various systems

  • Coordinate bonuses calculations and allowances

  • Cooperate with the local payroll vendors to oversee employees’ compensation by the end of each pay cycle using payroll software in a timely manner

  • Distribute payment statements and gather pay slips (digital or paper)

  • Report on payroll expenses

  • Ensure wages and tax withholdings comply with regulations per region/country

  • Enter new employees’ data (e.g. bank accounts and tax identification numbers) into internal databases

  • Answer questions about compensation, benefits, taxes and insurance deductions Education, Skills, Knowledge

• BSc in Accounting, Human Resources or relevant field